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This legal notice establishes the terms and conditions that govern the user's acces to the websites ad

The goal of the websites and is to be tools of development and promotion of the audiovisual, film and photographic activities in the province of Huesca. In this websites the user can get information about the services, locations, and activities in relationship with film and audiovisual production in this territory.

Besides, these websites offer to the user that is interested by these subjects information to get in contact with Huesca Film Office.


All of the contents of these websites, including but not limited to the images, graphic elements and texts, are copyright. Those contents may not be copied, duplicated, modified, reproduced, distributed, sold, exploited or used in any other way beyond the purposes of these websites, without the previous written permission of its owners.

If some content were to be included under the terms of Creative Commons, MIT license, Open Code or other similar registrations, this will explicitly specified.

Limitation of liability

The responsability of Huesca Film Office is limited to the services directly provided and to the contents directly generated in the websites and by its own means.

Huesca Film Office won't be responsible for any content, information, opinion or expression of any kind directly available in these websites or through links to other websites, and that have been generated by the users or any third party.

The availability and continuity of these websites and their contents isn't guaranteed.

Huesca Film Office can't be liable for any damage caused to the user's software, hardware and files by informatic viruses or external agents maliciously inserted by third parties in these websites it's system files.

Huesca Film Office reserves the right to change or modify this terms and conditions any time without previous notice. The user is responsible for consulting and being up to date with the legal documents included in these websites.


In compliance with the spanish fundamental law of personal information protection (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal), its regulations and in particular its articles 5 and 6, Huesca Film Office informs that all the personal information supplied by the user of these websites through the contact channels provided, will be collected in a computer database under responsability of Huesca Film Office's team.

By supplying personal information, the user explicitly agrees that this data will be used by Huesca Film Office for the following purposes:

1. Facilitate the contact and communication between Huesca Film Office and the user in relationship with inquiries made to Huesca Film Office, the services offered by Huesca Film Office, its collaborators or service suppliers, and also any subject related to Huesca Film Office's activities and for which the user would have explicitly expressed interest.

2. For internal statistical purposes.

3. Process orders or requests made by the user to Huesca Film Office.

Huesca Film Office informs and guaranties to the user that his personal information will not be shared with third parties without his previous, explicit and unequivocal consent.

The user is responsible for truthfulness and authenticity of the personal information he supplies. Therefore Huesca Film Office can't be liable for the errors, omissions or inaccuracy made, deliberately or not, by the user, neither for the information fraudulently supplied by the user using someone else's identity.

Huesca Film Office guaranties the user his right to access, correct, cancel and object the data supplied, in accordance with the terms expressed in the current legislation. In compliance with fundamental law of personal information protection (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal), the user can exercice this right by sending an email including a copy of an official identity document to the following adress:



These terms and conditions, their validity, interpretation, execution and observance are ruled by spanish legislation. By using these websites the user agrees explicitly with them.

Huesca Film Office's telephone and email are available to request any clarificacion, make commentaries or suggestions.