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Huesca for film shooting

The province

Located in the north of Spain, Hues­ca is an ama­zing land. It offers a wi­de ran­ge of out­stan­ding lo­ca­tions for photo­gra­phy, film­ or TV pro­duction.


Huesca's rich va­rie­ty of land­sca­pes ta­kes us in no ti­me to ins­pi­ring at­mosphe­res: de­sert lands that re­minds us of westerns and road mo­vies, green seas of spring weath ani­ma­ted by the wind for the calm, emotional mo­ment of the story, or snowy summits in high moun­tain zo­nes, just to name a few examples. In fact, the Py­re­nees are alrea­dy an end­less sour­ce of excep­tio­nal na­tu­ral sce­na­rios. Each sea­son shows a diffe­rent charm, al­ways with an easy way to reach the right pla­ce. Your dreamed shot is su­re­ly wait­ing some­where in Hues­ca.

Nature and farming have also helped ge­ne­ra­ting unique green spa­ces. In the north, beech fo­rest ligths in exqui­si­te warm tones du­ring au­tumn, while, in the south, oli­ve trees and vi­ne­yards con­vey an ever­lasting me­di­terra­nean feeling. Almond trees blossom in white announ­cing specta­cu­lar­ly the arri­val of spring­time.


The rich cultural and histo­ri­cal le­ga­cy of Hues­ca offers unique si­tes, from me­die­val castles, to imperial mi­li­ta­ry fortresses, hermi­ta­ges, mo­nas­te­ries or cathe­drals crea­ting a vi­sual narra­tion of other ti­mes.

Its geo­gra­phi­cal di­ver­si­ty has ge­ne­ra­ted some inte­res­ting archi­tec­tu­ral and country­si­de pictu­res in many diffe­rent sty­les. Villa­ges are adap­ted to their surroundings, blending gra­ce­fully with the land­sca­pe as they sha­re its same ma­te­rials and co­lors. Black slate roofs and grey stone walls in moun­tain zo­nes make contrast with how houses are built in the plains, using sand­stone and ara­bic tiles.

Finally, if you look for some nice, mo­dern and euro­pean archi­tec­ture, our ci­ties have it too. Find some ima­ges of Huesca here: locations in Huesca.


The pro­vin­ce is well equi­ped in terms of trans­por­ta­tion, accommo­da­tion, ca­te­ring as of ma­ny other ser­vi­ces that make it the right place to host any production pro­ject. Its connections to Ma­drid, Bar­ce­lo­na and Sa­ra­gosse, grant to Huesca the be­ne­fits of a wide range of extra pro­duc­tion services beyond those locally available.

Some stills

  • Vadiello
  • Ermita de la Cueva
  • Valley of Pineta
  • Canfranc railway station
  • Castle of montearagon
  • Bridge of Buera
  • Salto de Roldan
  • Monastery of Casbas

Useful info

Geographical data

Huesca is the province that belongs to the north of the region of Aragon in Spain. Its capital is the city of Huesca.

Neighbouring lands
to the north: France
to the east: Catalonia
to the south: the province of Saragosse
to the west: Navarra

Time offset to GMT:
standard time zone: GMT +1
summer daylight saving time: +1
current time zone offset: 2 hours

Amount of sunshine (city of Huesca)

june 21st
sunrise 6:25 | sunset 21:45
15h 20min of direct sun + magic hours

december 21st
sunrise 8:26 | sunset 17:36
9h 10min of direct sun + magic hours

Total amount of sunshine
2900 hours of sun a year

Meteorology (city of Huesca)

Rain average
62 cloudy or rainny days per year

Average temperatures (alt. 488m):
january: 1.3 - 8.5°C
july: 16.3 - 30.8°C

Weather information
aemet | accuweather

Trip times and distances

394 km, 4h 00min, highway trip
2h 05min, high speed train

276 km, 2h 50min, highway trip

75 km, 50min, highway trip
44min, high speed train

319 km, 5h 00min, road trip

Traffic information
Directorate General of Traffic

Neighbouring airports

Saragosse, connections to:
London, Paris, Brussels, Milan
Sevilla, Tenerife, Mallorca


Helpful phone numbers

Emergencies: 112
National police: 091
Local police: 092
Civil Guard: 062
Firemen, Huesca: 974 220 000
Traffic: 011


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Available infrastructure
- production companies and pros
- numerous hotel beds | accomodation facilities
- catering suppliers and restaurants
- first class roads
- railway connections
- hospitals and health centers
- broad service offer

Huesca is a very secure and comfortable place for film shooting or for any other activity.

excellent local food and gourmet
great local wines

Recomended activities
adventure: skiing;, rafting, paragliding, canyoning...
relax: spas y health resorts